Wirtschaft stürzt ab, Kriege erhöhen die Staatsverschuldung, Börsen steigen – kann das noch lange gutgehen?

This Is What the Early Stages of a Severe Recession Look Like

Michael Snyder February 28, 2024

It is definitely starting to look a lot like 2008 and 2009 again.  Those years were such a painful time for our country, and in many ways we still haven’t fully recovered from the damage that was inflicted upon us during that era.  Unfortunately, so many of the exact same things that we experienced back then are starting to happen in our time.  For example, the Great Recession brought us the greatest foreclosure crisis in the history of our nation, and now foreclosures are really starting to spike here in 2024





„Kriege hatten im Allgemeinen schwerwiegende und verhängnisvolle Folgen für das amerikanische Geld- und Finanzsystem.“

Murray Rothbard (Eine Geschichte des Geldes und des Bankwesens in den Vereinigten Staaten)



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